Is The Kylie Lip Kit Worth The Hype?

A nude lip is the most flawless lip a girl could wear, after searching for the perfect shade, the comfortable long lasting formula, Kylie decided to WOW us with her fun, cute cosmetic line. Our madness only grew as each restock approached, breaking the Internet, literally guys! Google practically broke down. I decided to try ‘candy k’ named after Kylie’s childhood nickname, ‘koko k’ named after her big sister Khloe, and ‘dirty peach’ being the most perfect peachy nude. I put them to the test and decided to try them for myself.

What is it?

Each lip kit comes with a matte liquid lipstick and matching lip liner.

Lip liner: a ultra long wearing lip liner that has a creamy texture that glides across the lips for a easy and comfortable application.

Matte liquid lipstick: high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip.

What it does?

The formula contains moisturising ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips out.


I adore the packaging, it is soooo cute. I love the shades, they are all each perfect nudes! They have a super nice texture and smells divine, like candy! It is long lasting although I do find I need to reapply in the centre of my lips, other than that, one layer is all you need to give the perfect finish without any cracking. My favourite is ‘candy k’, it’s the perfect every day shade.


Although the formula is long lasting, I do find I have to reapply in the centre of my lips a few hours after applying, if you guys want to avoid this try setting your lipstick and lip liner with translucent powder. However the lip liner does not last long you guys!

I am a matte lipstick kind of girl! I love the formula, and I defiantly enjoy wearing these shades. I do want to get my hands on some other shades especially ‘Mary jo k’!

Price: £22.25


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