Introducing Sam Marcel Beauty

Hi lovelies! Today I received a beautiful package from Sam Marcel beauty! I am so exited to be able to share this new company with you all, I know your going to love it just as I do!

Sam Marcel beauty was inspired by a beautiful 10 year old girl fighting cancer, with huge dreams of becoming a makeup artist. On their travels to Paris, Sam and his wife were moved by this strong girl, learning the impact of makeup, this inspired them to create a 100% cruelty free, gluten, paraben free, and vegan makeup range! As a result of this Sam Marcel cosmetics donates a percentage of every product sold to help women face cancer with confidence! You can read more of that powerful story Here.

Liquid Lipstick

What is it?  

A highly pigmented, ultra-smooth liquid lipstick. This weightless liquid lipstick leaves lips with a smudge-proof, ultra-matte finish. The formula is four times thinner and has twice as much colour as a traditional lipstick. It delivers eight-hour wear, and it’s unique, slim applicator design gives ideal precision for a perfect lip contour.

What it does?

Glide it onto your lips for a smooth, even application and brilliant, elegant colour. Tips: Exfoliate lips before use. Avoid oily/greasy foods.


I loveeee the packaging, it is so elegant yet simple. The formula is amazing! The super matte weightless texture is extremely long lasting, and applies flawlessly without any streaks. Unlike any other matte lipsticks I have tested, this keeps your lips hydrated and moisturised without any creaking! I have the shades ‘rouge’ and ‘claudine’, both shades are gorgeous! ‘Rouge’ being the perfect shade of red, and ‘claudine’ being a subtle everyday nude.


Although I adore these lipsticks, the applicator is a little large, if you have small lips you may struggle using this applicator, however you can always opt for a lip brush to make sure your lips are covered beautifully!

Price: £11.60 – Remember to use my code ‘CHLOEL’ to save 20% off!


That Glow Glow Highlight Palette  

What is it? 

A highlight palette with six pigmented powders to create perfectly glowing, chiselled looks on every skin tone.

What it does?  

Inspired by makeup artist techniques, this highlight palette helps you glow like a pro using healthy ingredients. Each carefully selected shade has a rich, cool undergone to mimic real shadow and light reflection for the most natural look.


Again I love the packaging, this palette comes with an inbuilt mirror, which is super helpful, especially if your travelling! The powders have a beautiful satin feel to the skin, and blends perfectly, without any harsh lines! This palette is essential for any makeup artist! As the palette includes 6 beautiful shades: from light, medium to dark, also with 2 radiant blush shades to choose from.


As this palette has a variety of shades for different skin tones, it is hard to create a dramatic glow, however this palette masters the everyday glow, and is a definite must have for any collection!

Price: £23.15 – Remember to use my code ‘CHLOEL’ to save 20% off!


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