How To Spot A Fake Kylie Lip Kit!

Counterfeit makeup is something that has always been an issue. Top makeup brands are continuously facing this problem. People purchasing their lip kits from sites other than Kylie Jenner’s official site, have been encountered with disastrous effects. From lip kits containing glue to gasoline, it is indeed a fact that you must only trust the sellers official site itself! I am going to display the differences between a fake lip kit and real lip kit, so that you guys will be able to spot a knock off! You guys can also go check out my lip kit review Here.

Original Kylie lip kits retail from around £22, depending on what site you stumble across, there may be a huge difference in price! Sites like actually sell their kits for a little higher at £25, claiming to be original and authentic. Whereas other sites, like retail for as little as £5!

The first thing to notice is that the grill design on the fake lip kit is a solid silver shade, whereas the real one has a chrome effect. Also the text on the real lip kit is bolder and more spaced out, as the fake one is lighter and more packed together.

Real: left Fake: right

The shades used on the packaging are also different, as you can see the real lip kit is a little darker than the fake, both lip kits are in the shade ‘candy k’ (my favourite!).

Real: bottom Fake: top

Real: left Fake: right

When it comes down to liners, they really got this spot on…. Well almost. As you can see the real liner is wider and shorter, I have used this liner a couple times so it is a little extra shorter due to sharpening. The shade tab at the bottom of the real one is also a little shorter, and there is a tiny difference in shade if you look very carefully. There is also a serial code on the real one, on the fake one there is not.

Real: top Fake: bottom

Real: top Fake: bottom

The text on the fake lipstick is again not as bold as the real one. The major thing you should look for on your lipsticks is the drips! Usually a fake lipstick has two parallel drips, in this case I have two drips in one, whereas the real one has perfectly spaced out and different length drips.

Real: right Fake: left

Real: right Fake: left

As shown in my swatch the fake lip liner and lipstick have a more pinkish tone, whereas the real ‘candy k’ has a natural nude shade.

Real: bottom Fake: top

As I mentioned in my review, Kylie lip kits smell divineee! The fake does not however, applying counterfeit makeup can be very dangerous, do not be fooled by fraud retailers! If you guys have noticed anything else, be sure to comment in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “How To Spot A Fake Kylie Lip Kit!

  1. a friend sold me a lipstick at $ 16.75, telling me it was a real one. After several uses I noticed that the drawings on the tube were faded and the lipstick was drying quickly even when closed. I did my research and it’s a fake … very disappointed with her

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