Is This The Cutest Contour Kit Yet!

One thing we can all agree on, Too faced provides the most easiest blendable formulas yet! There were no surprise when the lightweight powders did all the work for me. As contouring became popular again, many beauty brands were quick to release these sculpting formulas. However Too faced went beyond the typical plain, simple layout, presenting a fun, bright, cute set! First to include a perfectly chiselled brush, from their teddy bear brush collection! Here

What is it?

Lift cheekbones, look intensely slimmer, or sculpt like a celebrity with cocoa contour. Includes the two essential sculpting shades, the perfect matte highlighter and a luminous pop of light for a contoured look that never looks flat. 

What it does? 

Cocoa contour gives you the power to enhance your most beautiful features and minimize the ones you want to hide in a few simple steps. This curated kit comes with the two essential sculpting shades, the perfect matte highlighter, and a luminous pop of light for a contoured look that never looks flat. Infused with our antioxidant-rich exclusive cocoa complex, the powders blend seamlessly and indulge you with a decadent chocolate scent. Features our contour buki brush for the most professional sculpting effect. 


This kit is the CUTEST… That’s for sure! Having tried Too faced eyeshadow palettes, I was quite surprised about how big the packaging actually was! As most of you know Too faced eyeshadow palettes are not very big, you do not get a lot of product at all! But all that is put aside as the powders are super pigmented, meaning a little is a lot! The palette holds 4 different shades, (that have a delicious chocolate scent!) So whatever look you are going for, you can instantly achieve a subtle or dramatic contour. To create a subtle look I take ‘medium cocoa’ to contour and the matte shade in ‘light cocoa’ to set and highlight. Creating a more dramatic professional effect, I take ‘medium cocoa’ to set for my main contour ‘dark cocoa’, finally taking ‘pop of light’ I use to set and give a little radiance to the high points of my face. If you are a beginner at the contouring trend then this palette is defiantly a must have! As the powders are super easy to blend, and you are also left with a ‘how to contour’ step by step guide for 3 different looks, to help you out whichever look you are going for!  


I LOVE this palette! However Too faced does not actually sell these shades separately at the moment, so if you guys use up a shade you kinda need to buy the whole kit again… You guys can always go check out their chocolate bronzes and highlighters, but you will not get the exact same shade. 

This is certainly my favourite powder contour at the moment! Whether I’m going to work or on a night out, this palette always keeps me chiselled to perfection! 

Price: £31.86 


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