What Is Your Face Shape?

To be able to apply makeup professionally and effectively, you need to be able to understand different face shapes and characteristics! Doing this enables you to achieve the best look by correcting features and enhancing your natural beauty! Here I am going to share with you the seven basic face shapes and how to identify each one, this will defiantly make your life so much easier, especially when it comes to contouring!

Oval face shape:

Okay guys, so this is the most common face shape, this is the best proportionate and has a perfect balance! The hairline is rounded and wide as it begins to get narrower toward the chin, the middle of the face is its widest part.  


• Narrow forehead  

• Small jaw line

• Accentuated cheekbones

Long face shape:  

Also know as the ‘oblong’ or ‘rectangle’ face. The hairline may be horizontal, is both more or less equal in width.  

• High forehead  

• High cheekbones

• Long chin

• Small face

Square face shape:

The hairline and jaw are both squared, very similar to the long/rectangle face shape. The only difference between the two is that the width and length of this face shape are nearly equal. 

• Wide forehead, cheeks and jawline 

Round face shape:

The rounded jawline continues around the face, the length and width are not equal. However one thing many people mistake for this face shape is your body weight! Your body weight does not effect your face shape, in fact it is proven that many slim women have a rounded face! 

• Round hairline, jawline and cheeks 

• May have a double chin

Heart face shape:

This face shape is so CUTE, it can also be described as an inverted triangle, the upper part being the widest, and the lower being the narrowest. The chin is pointed and in some cases the hairline may be straight! However people with this face shape tend to suffer from widow’s peak. 

• Heart shaped hairline  

• Wide cheeks

• Small face

• Sharp chin

Diamond face shape:

The hairline and chin are both narrow here, giving a beautiful diamond appearance. The cheekbones are the widest part of this face shape, as both the hairline and chin are again almost similar.  

• Prominent feature: cheekbones! 

• Cheekbones are strong and well defined

• Forehead is thinner than the cheekbones but a little wider than the chin

Pear face shape:

Also described as the triangle face shape, this face shape is super uncommon, however if you have this face shape, you should flaunt it for sure! As you are sure to be one of a kind! The lowest part of this face shape is the lower parts, the chin, in some cases the jawline may be rounded and the hairline is its narrowest part. 

• Small forehead  

• Wide cheekbones

• Strong jawline

3 thoughts on “What Is Your Face Shape?

  1. Hi,
    I chanced upon your website and found this very useful artical in determining face shapes. I am not sure if I am a heart-shaped or diamond shaped face, hope you can help me out here. My measurements are:

    forehead line: 12.5cm
    cheek to cheek: 14cm
    jawline: 11.5cm
    longtitude: 18.5cm
    and i have widow’s peak.

    Thank you very much for helping!

    Best regards.

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