How To Get Killer Cheekbones!

We all long for those Kim Kardashian cheekbones! While some people go about this by receiving various procedures from cheek implants, to more in depth surgery! Corrective contouring just made our life’s such much easier…. no surgery needed! As cheekbones are crucial to deciding your face shape, you can go check out my last post Here to really enhance your natural beauty!

With such a huge range of cosmetics to choose from, there are a few different ways you can contour. The most common being powder formulas, however there is also a variety of cream and liquid formulas to choice from, depending on your skin type, deciding on what is best for you. Here I used the too faced cocoa contour kit, you guys can also go check out my review Here!

Another factor you should take into account is the shades you are using! While grey undertones have a powerful effect on most cheeks… however you can always opt for a more orangey undertone.

How to contour on full cheeks:

People with round faces tend to have full cheeks, which has its advantages as you are likely to look younger for longer! Highlighting slightly under your eyes will draw attention to your cheekbones by applying a bronze shade on your cheeks and jawline.

High cheekbones:

High cheekbones have the characteristics of a long face shape! While contouring is not actually recommended for this face shape, as contouring will only result in making your face appear even longer! However highlighting just slightly under your natural cheekbones will really make them POP.

Wide cheeks:

Women with the rare ‘pear’ faced shape usually have wide cheeks. Creating the illusion of a well balanced face, taking a little bronzer and contouring just slightly more toward your nose will help reduce the width of wide cheeks! Also applying highlight just underneath your eyes will really up your look!

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