My Everyday Nose Job Secret!

Okay guys, so when I first seen this collaboration with Luxie Beauty, I literally screamed to myself! If you guys do not know who JadeyWadey is, she is a hugeeee beauty influencer, forever keeping us inspired with the hottest trends and stunning flawless looks! However when it comes down to contouring… This girllll knows her stuff for sure! So if you’ve been planning on getting a nose job, there’s no need! We have just the trick! No pain! Same results! What more could you ask for?

What is it?

Makeup artist, esthetician, educator, and beauty influencer, @JadeyWadey180 teams up with Luxie Beauty to create a premium dual-ended brush specially designed with your contour needs in mind!

What it does?

Use the Nose Contouring Defining Brush to create the preliminary lines on the sides of your face with cream or powder products. Then use the Nose Contour Blending Brush to blend out your lines and create shadows for a slimmer, sleeker look.


This brush is my go to right now! It gives my nose the most perfect contour, giving results that almost look like a completely different nose itself! With two brushes in one this just makes my contouring routine so much easier and quicker. To start my base, I use the Nose Contouring Defining Brush to draw out the lines on my nose, both on each side and a little underneath too. Next I take the Nose Contour Blending Brush and blend away! This is super easy as the bristles are extremely soft, ensuring it blends well leaving you a nice natural finish.


I have tried using both cream and powder products to contour, and both gives the same results! Although I do find the application is a little more trickier with cream products as blending takes a little more time.

This is my favourite brush at the moment! I know a lot of you guys were a little disappointed in the price as it is a little pricey, especially for such a small brush. However shopping the complete JadeyWadey collection actually works out a lot cheaper, giving you 3 contouring brushes Here.

Price: £17.96


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