The Secret To Longer, Healthier Lashes

Hi hi hi! A couple months ago I received a beautiful little lash oil package from the beautiful Diane Bowe, founder of new natural company, ‘Bowe Organics’. I love this brand as it is totally organic, toxic and harmful free! What more could we ask for?! After years of hard work researching different blends of botanical ingredients, Diane had finally released her luxury, artisan, effective lash oil! You guys can read more about Bowe Organics Here.

What is it?

Bowe Organics lash oil, for everyone who wants beautiful hydrated lashes. It’s the perfect add on to everyone’s beauty regime. Now registered with the vegan society.

What it does?

With luxury ingredients like organic caster oil which can help thicken and lengthen lashes, and the powerful antioxidant vitamin E to help protect.


I literally use this oil every day, it is my number one in my skincare routine right now. As directed I apply one drop to my lashes before bed. However I have also been applying this to my brows, and the results are amazing!!! Due to over threading, my brows were a little sparse in one small area, not anymore! My brows are thicker than ever, I now have to get them regularly groomed as they are growing insane right now! Which I never thought would be possible. My lashes have grown a little since using this oil as you can see, however the biggest advantage is how moisturized and hydrated they have become!!


I adore this oil, although the smell can be a little off putting. The first time I tried this oil, it actually reminded me of sunflower oil, but now I see results I don’t really notice the smell that much but instead focus more on my beautiful luxurious lashes I have gained!

Thank you so much again Diane! I cannot wait to see what else she releases, also be sure to show us your before and afters! I just know you are going to love it just as I do.

Price: £19.99


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