Why I Love Niré Beauty

Having no idea who Niré beauty where… I was super curious when I received a package from them. I am super thankful they reached out to me!! The struggle to find the best quality brushes is real you guys, trying so many popular brands on the market, and still not being able to find that perfect airbrushed finish secret was a real challenge. Not anymore! Niré beauty provides me with the most beautiful results, from perfect blends to a soft finish, you are sure to be shocked.

Niré beauty is a new makeup brush and accessory brand. Providing us with professional, vegan friendly, cruelty free, chic brushes. All brushes are beautifully hand made, using only the best luxepro fibres, giving us a super soft feel, making it easier to blend, blend, blend!

Niré Beauty Artistry Set:

What is it?

Everything you need: 12 full sized brushes, a foundation blending sponge, a brush cleaning tool, and a pro brush holder that opens into two brush cups. Designed by professional makeup artists to help you create all those beautiful looks today!

What is does?

Exclusive luxepro fibres are designed not to absorb extra liquids and creams. Brush fibres are 100% vegan-friendly, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic providing better results than animal hair.

Niré Beauty Next Level Kabuki Brush Set:

What is it?

Avoid that average kabuki brush set and pick a next level makeup brush set instead – designed by pros and used in makeup masterclasses across UK and Europe.

What it does?

Nothing blends better than the exclusive luxepro fibres that don’t shred. Achieve that selfie ready airbrush glow with perfectly blended makeup.


I love love love these brushes! Not only from this set but others too! Let me just tell you how beautiful and trendy the packaging is! I literally did not want to throw it out, the cup holders are so cute and an easy and beautiful way to display your gorgeous new brushes. I also admire the idea of a brush cleaning tool that comes along with your very own set. This is seriously so time consuming and really deep cleans to make sure all bacteria, left over dirt is gone for good! In just a matter of seconds too!


I can honestly say the only disadvantage to these sets are the price! However it is only for the best quality and there are also sales on literally all the time!!

Below I have hand picked a few of my favourites! these are super must haves! Did I mention brushes are also available to buy separately too!


103 – Soft focus powder brush: this is the tool to quickly set your face, if your in a rush, just quickly dust on some powder and your ready to go! Here

143 – Tapered HD kabuki: the brush to give you that gorgeous precise glow, the kabuki has a angled top so that you can get a precise, detailed, blended highlight. Here

102 – Contour/highlight: I love this brush to really get that sharp contoured look, blends perfectly leaving you with that Kim K chiselled contour. Here

140 – Flat top HD kabuki: Now let me tell you this is by far my favorite brush ever!!! I had never bothered using a brush to apply foundation, as I like to have a full coverage look. I found all the brushes I had tried… which believe me is a ton! Left me with a light streaky coverage. However this brush doesn’t!!!! This brush applies just the right amount of product, blending perfectly, giving me a flawless base! I don’t think I will ever even use a beauty blender again after this life changing find! Here


155 – Concealer brush: I’m loving this brush right now to pack on glitters, pigments and all that glittery glam. This gives you the top results. Here

205 – Precise eye shadow: Amazing for carving out your brows! Here

207 – Eyeliner: I use this brush for liquid liners, if I’m taking a liquid lipstick to use as a liner, this really glides on for a sharp line. Here

206 – Pencil: This is a tool you defiantly need in your collection, perfect for lower lash shadow, or defining cut crease looks. Here

Price: Both sets £39.95 on sale right now!

Available: https://nirebeauty.com

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