Creations For A Cause

Hi angels!!! So today I am back with a slightly different type of post, as you have probably seen on my social media, I have now become a rep for Creations for a Cause! I am super excited and hopeful to spread the word and help out the best I possibly can.

So choosing a charity/cause was a really hard decision for me, everyone wants to help out now and again and I know about 99% of people help out in some way, from donations, events, or even just giving a little something to someone in need. As most organisations focus mainly on one cause itself, Creations for a Cause focus specifically on a variety! So if your like me and your having a super difficult time deciding, then this organisation is for you!

But what is Creations for a Cause?!

This organisation runs purely on a socially conscious e-commerce company! This is an amazing operation and this is why I love this company so much as the products made, are made by people in need themselves! Providing us with the best materials from around the world, more than 10% goes to a specific cause that product is appointed to, however your purchase also gives the talented makers a living wage, to help provide for themselves and their family’s they couldn’t have done before, giving these people permanent jobs as individual artists to start helping making a change to their own lives.


Where did it all start?


Here’s brothers Arman, Ashkan, A random tech guy, and friend Bachar. These are the brains and beauty behind Creations for a Cause. From sitting in Starbucks one day and deciding the world needs a difference, they began to slowly make a social impact, both locally and now globally!

One of the most heart moving things about this organisation is 2 causes came from background stories from what Bachar had experienced.

Bachar was originally from Africa, meaning he would see for himself the depths of poverty, he would feel and experience this. One of the things that really hit home was realising how many of these people were actually incredibly talented, however without any resources or education there was no way of them pursuing their abilities and talents. Another huge thing in Africa right now is women’s education. As Bachar had seen for himself, men would be highly thought of and would get first place in education immediately. Women were unable to read or write as there was no income to send them to school. Pursuing this we have our ‘Support literacy for African women’ cause, this is making a hugeeeee difference as with our fundraising, we are building a safe school, in a safe rural environment for these women to be able to attend and educate, the school is being built specifically in Ivory Coast, Africa.

Another cause dedicated from Bachar is ‘Syrian refugees in Lisbon’, after the Syrian war, many refugees fled to Lisbon, seeking safety. Many of these refugees had lost their friends, families in the war, resulting in a lot of kid orphans. Our funds help provide and help care for not only these orphans but every other refugee also.

Right now we also have some environmental causes, including ‘Save the elephants’, ‘Save the pandas’ and the most important ‘Clean water’. To help these causes we have specific merch for that given topic. To learn more about our causes you can see Here.

Can I also just tell you we are always on the lookout for ambassadors! If any of you guys are interested you can go ahead and click the link below, I will be sure to send you all of the details to get you started spreading the word and on your journey to making a difference.

Ambassadors Needed! Here

You guys can also save up to 20% on all merch using my code ‘Chloel18’!!

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