Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette Review

I am sooo happy I finally got my hands on this palette! Since my younger brow days, this brand seriously saved my life… or brows for sure. After creating the worlds best eyebrow products, you can understand how excited I got when this palette was released early last year.

As this palette is said to be for ‘normal’ everyday makeup lovers, I did purchase this for my freelance work. I hate hAtE HATE carrying around tons of different lipstick shades, and find after using half of my storage for this, I still don’t have the shades I need! This palette was a life saver for this problem as you can create any shade you can possibly think of, without taking a huge amount of room.

What is it?

An 18-well professional lip palette with shades ranging from primaries and neutrals to bold brights.

What it does?

Use Anastasia Beverly Hills lip palette to create an endless array of lip looks by mixing and customising highly pigmented, long-wearing matte shades.


As I mentioned before the main pro is the storage room you are saving, you are taking up so little space for a tiny palette that holds every shade possible, what more could we want?!

In the palette you receive a spatula and a small mixing palette, I love how they come with the palette as many other brands do not do this and you have to purchase these separately. The shades come labeled so you can familiarise yourself with the primary shades and the shades already made for you.

The shades themselves are amazing! Mixing with this palette, I feel like I’m back at pre school, who else thought mixing colours were pointless back then?! You get 5 primary shades to help mix a secondary colour, you also get a white and a black shade to brighten or darken the shade you desire, I advise if your going to do this, add a little at a time as too much will ruin what you are creating. You also then get a range of shades already mixed for you, however you can add these shades to help with the undertones, or you can wear them alone. I also adore the texture of these formulas! All shades are super creamy and keep your lips hydrated! This is one of the top things as many matte lipsticks will completely dry out your lips and start to crack or wear away… it’s just not a good look at all.


Okay so when you come to apply some shades they are not all going to be highly pigmented, some are very opaque, especially the white! However this is due to the fact these shades are meant to be mixed, you can get away with wearing some shades alone but if your going for a sfx look and needed that unusual bold colour this may not work, although if your mixing the shade then this will definitely create an amazing lip! Here’s one of my favourites at the moment! I took primary 5, and shade 8, you can also add primary 1 (white) to lighten the shade or primary 2 (black) to darken.

Price: £48


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