Does The Most Hyped About Teeth Whitening Kit Actually Work?!

I think it is definitely safe to say by now we are all aware of HiSmile‘s peroxide free range, from every social media platform, this product has been the most hyped about yet!! Finding a professional dentist can be very stressful and of course very very expensive! The other hugeee downfall is most dentists and other teeth whitening kits use hydrogen peroxide, which can cause sensitivity and a ton of pain! Instead sodium bicarbonate is used to give instant results in as little as 10 mins!

What is it?


Teeth whitening kit has been designed to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. The whitening process has been formulated to deliver maximum results in 6 applications, with each application being only 10 minutes.

What it does?

Key ingredients ensure that there’s no pain or sensitivity caused throughout the process while delivering results of up to 8 shades whiter teeth.




  • Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Sodium Chlorite

  • Pomegranate

  • Aloe Vera

  • Chamomile



From using various different products and brands, this can be extremely painful, sometimes to the point you are in need of an emergency dentist or just being in pain for days on end. The whole process of HiSmile is so sensitive, because of this I didn’t actually think I would get any results at all!

So as you are provided with 3 gels, you are advised to use a quarter on top band and another quarter on the bottom band, this will result in one application lasting 10 minutes under LED. From the first application I saw no effect at all, the second was also the same. However 3rd application I saw the slightest whitening but only slightly. As I continued to finish the process after day 6 I did see a slight change, my teeth are white anyway so I didn’t actually see a huge difference but I still saw results!

HiSmile are also the first to stand by their money back guarantee! If you guys purchase this kit make sure you take a before and after, if you see no results, no problem, send over your images to HiSmile and they will give you a full refund.


If you guys are after that Hollywood blinding smile then you will have to get this professionally done by a fully trained dentist, if your looking for a natural glow then HiSmile is a definite must try. However HiSmile is also an amazing way to keep your teeth in tip top condition before your next professional top up!

Price: £49.99


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