Khase Cosmetics

Hey lovesssssss! So today I am back with yet again, another small beauty brand. I absolutely adoreeee, and feel so grateful when small businesses contact me. As without them reaching me, I would not in the world an idea about their amazing growing brand. This gives me the opportunity to show you guys what amazing , safe products can be found in the littlest of places.

Khase Cosmetics is a small, professional online beauty store. Currently, Khase only retail liquid lipsticks, I adore their range as they have a variety of different shades and tones to suit every skin tone! If you are obsessed with vibrant, intense shades then you are going to WORSHIP this brand as much as I do! Khase really puts their time and dedication into each product, as all products are paraben free, hypoallergenic, 100% cruelty free and even sensitivity tested!

What is it?

Super pigmented, instant matte, ultra long lasting.

What it does?

Leaving your lips vibrant for hours.





I received 3 beautiful shades, 2 of which were mattes, one a darkish candy shade: ‘stripped’, and the other being a brownish nude: ‘chai’. The last shade being a super intense golden pigment: ’empire’. The packaging was so simple yet very professional. The unique formula is held in a plastic container so that there is no breakage and is super light.

The formulas themselves have got to be one of the best! The super lightweight formula glides onto the lips leaving them extremely moisturised and light! I do actually forget I am even wearing these mattes, as it does not feel like you are wearing anything on your lips at alllll!!!! However after hours of pigment, you will definitely struggle to take off as it’s staying power is pretty amazing.


When applying any lipstick, I like to apply more than one layer, I found this was not the best idea with the metallic. Once applying one layer of ’empire’ I was left with the most beautiful pigment, however when it came to applying more layers, the formula got thicker and started to wear away minutes after applying. I do really like this shade but as it’s a wild hue, I would not wear this unless I was going to create a crazy look or for a client. However I did try using this as a liquid eyeshadow and the results were beyond gorgeous!!

Price: £4.99


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