Sass Candy

I feel like most of my posts are hugely makeup based, but what about the most important thing…. skincare! Skin care is a huge thing for me as I am super sensitive and will break out a ton just by applying a harsher product than usual.

Sass Candy is a total organic, natural skin care range, packed with only the best ingredients that are 100% UK supplied by providers and farms. All products are suitable for vegans and are cruelty free!

What is it?

Sass Candy has worked hard to deliver natural organic skin care products that push the boundaries of quality and health benefits. We have formulated our products with the version of helping you, to ensure you are treating your skin with the best possible ingredients.

What it does?

Our exceptional formulations are not only gentle on your skin but help to hydrate, moisture, protect and repair. Effects are instant, intermediate and long term.


I worshippp this brand! In my package I received the ‘perfect daily hand lotion’, ‘perfect skin facial toner’, ‘perfect duo milk cleanser and makeup remover’ and the ‘perfect night pro moisturiser’. I have swore by these products for months now, using every single day religiously for my skin care routine. The cleanser and toner are super gentle and do not leave your skin feeling dry or dull like many other brands!! Personally I am so scared of using moisturisers as my skin type is normal to oily on my t-zone area, why would I want to add more oil? However I was wrong! Unlike any other, this moisturiser keeps my oiliness at bay?! How?! I can even use this in the day under my primer which I have never been able to do!


I honestly can’t pick any faults with this brand, the only downside would be the toner runs out so so fast, if you are using the cleanser and toner together I would suggest purchasing double toner to the amount of cleanser you have purchased!

I was super curious when Sass Candy reached out to me as they are a small brand and I had never heard of them, however I am soooo glad they reached out to me as I have definitely discovered the ultimate saving moisturiser everrrr! This just proves we need to give our smaller brands credit as much as our favourite huge brands! Also if you guys are ever trying out ANY new skin care product, or any product at all! Always make sure to do a skin test first!!!! I cannot stress this enough as this will save you breaking out, or even worse.. reacting to these products in a terrible way.

Price: Perfect Daily Hand Lotion £9.99, Perfect Skin Facial Toner £12.99, Perfect Duo Milk Cleanser And Makeup Remover £11.99, Perfect Night Pro Moisturiser £10.99.


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