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Isn’t this just the cutest brush everrrr!!! So I usually like to research and look into brands before trying out their products, however for this one I did not. I did this after I had tried the heart shaped wand, I was sooo amazed when I realised it was only £6.50!! You can get the cuore bundle for £10 Here! All synergy products are cruelty and vegan friendly! You guys can also use ‘BRUSH15’ for 15% on all products that ship worldwide!

What is it?

All of our brushes are cruelty free and made with vegan friendly materials. We use the best quality synthetic hair; taklon, which is hypoallergenic and super soft.

What it does?

Our beautiful cuore powder brush is the perfect addition to any makeup bag and adds a splash of colour too. With its large brush it effortlessly applies powders and blushers. Pros:

We already know how beautiful the brush is right?! As this is a synthetic brush, I honestly thought I was going to hate it, most synthetic brushes are just not packed at all and are extremely streaky, they are not as soft as other brushes, however I was so wrong!

At first I didn’t even touch this brush for a while as it was just so so pretty. When I took all and I mean ALL of my brushes to trendvision this was the only brush I had, so I kind of did a little DIY and used this as a highlight brush and I was SHOCKED! So firstly my idea was not as bad as I thought, my highlight was POPPING but was still blended! Secondly, oh my! I could not believe how soft the bristles were. I have a ton of brushes and this is by far my favourite! It has got to be the softest which is a hugeee shock for a synthetic brush.

I also have a huge phobia of ocd with my brushes, so I have cleaned this like sooooo many times already and there is absolutely no fallout at all. Fallout happens quiet a lot or the bristles will rise before the fallout stage, especially for such a cheap brush, but this one did not, still has not, and I hope will not to come.


This is only one brush! Synergy do a ton of brushes but only one of this ‘cuore’ kind :(, I am obsessed with the heart idea and think this would be so cute as a set! Who agrees?!

Price: £6.50


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