Otakulens Hit Or Miss?

I am obsessed with coloured contacts recently! They can majorly change your look, or just add a little sparkle to your natural everyday glam. They are a huge solution when wanting to bring attention to your eyes. Not every tint can rock every eyeshadow look! Depending on your eye colour some shades may look a little dull and not as prominent as on another eye. Lenses make sure you can kill every look, changing your hue to best suit you and your makeup.

What is it?

Lasts up to 6 months with TLC. Most natural looking lenses. Most natural cosmetics colour contact lenses non prescription.

What it does?

Ability to drastically transform eyes.


This is definitely my favourite contact brand ever!!! The shades are sooooo beautiful, and their range is never ending!!! There are so many shades to choose from and they are constantly expanding! The packaging is so cute and they even have the cutest valentines collection!

In your package you get a set of lenses, a lense case, and applicator. This is the first brand I have come across to include these so far, many other brands do not provide cases at all or any other tools. I have never used the applicator as I just find it easier to apply myself, however it stops your contacts from falling while applying until they are fixed onto your eyes.

In my package I received ‘crystal moonlight’, ‘desire honey’, ‘husky ish’, and ‘smokey greyyen’. Crystal moonlight is my absolute favoriteeeeee, if you follow me on Instagram then you know I am literally always wearing this shade. Which is super surprising as many brands can not change my eye shade at all as they are just sooooo dark. So to be able to go this light is shocking!!! They are so comfortable and can be worn for hours on end without feeling irritating on the eyes.


Okay so because these are going to be worn on my eyes, I did a ton of research. The main concern customers had was there were a ton of complaints about the size of the lenses. I did come across this, when applying the lense I found that it was hugeeeee and was not moulding to my eye at all, every time I blinked they would move, it was super annoying. However I reapplied using the opposite side and problem solved!!! I noticed that if I applied the other side the fit was perfect and would mould comfortably, I have never come across this before and maybe this is due to the fact that they are sooo detailed!! Would you try coloured contacts?????

Price: £49.16

Available: https://www.billionairebeauties.com

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