Microdermabrasion At Home?!

Microdermabrasion is a facial treatment that lasts under 30 minutes to help a variety of skin problems. It uses fine crystals and a vacuum to remove dead skin cells and dirt from pores. While you can treat long term concerns, or your looking for an instant glow! This tool can do this for you!

Spa sciences MIO tool gives instant results as well as long term in the comfort of your own home!!! No regular salon appointments needed! If you suffer from acne, fine lines, wrinkles, ageing skin, dull/tired skin, or uneven skin tone this is going to change your skin routine forever!

What is it?

MIO is a rechargeable diamond microdermabrasion device with 5 customisable speeds that harness the skin rejuvenation properties of diamond bits and vacuum suction to resurface the skin.

What it does?

MIO’s rejuvenation tip exfoliates and polishes the complexion to smooth rough, dry areas and uneven skin tone while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to increase skins radiance. MIO’s vacuum suction extraction tip helps to target congested areas to purify pores and diminish the look of pore size.


I am in love with my MIO, I had seen a ton of these on social media and just had to try it out for myself! I have seen a bunch of these magical machines retailing for around £100, this has definitely got to be the cheapest on the market. When I realised how low the price actually was, I didn’t think it would be great compared to the more expensive makes. But I was so wrong!!!

With the MIO you get 4 tips, a crystal tip, large, medium and oval tip. The large tip is just the crystal tip but without the crystals! So I don’t really use this one as much. This extraction is for all over the face, excluding the nose area. The medium tip I use more for smaller areas, so I use this on my chin, jaw and under eyes. The oval tip is my favoriteeeeee as this little saviour gives you a brand new nose! Use this all over the nose area for a baby skin feel.

The first time using this tool I was soooo amazed, as I woke up to my face feeling smoother than ever before! My skin literally felt brand new! I love how you get an instant smooth result as well as long term! My face has already started to even out and I am less prone to breakouts! I get about 1 breakout a month max! This just keeps my face cleansed. I also struggle a ton with oil around my t zone, which is the worst to keep on top of. But even that has lessened which I never thought possible… EVER. My skin is a whole new fresher, even skin tone and always looks healthy compared to before using the MIO. I use this once a week with a mask in between for the best results.


So my results are amazing!!! Definitely not what I would have thought possible just after 3 uses! The MIO did help acne a ton!!! As this cleanses your face, it removes all dirt and bacteria from below the surface, this helps keep your skin clean to prevent acne and also helps get rid of acne, which I am so grateful for as this was such a huge and hard problem to deal with for me. Prescription acne creams and acids are something that did not work for years until MIO. So as this helped my acne, the only thing this does not do is actually remove the scarring, this is something that goes over time, the MIO does not do that.

Price: £31.07

Available: https://www.target.com

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