The Tanning Brand I Swear By!

Summer is here!!! We are all longing to achieve that perfect golden glow! If you are like me and catching sun just does nothing for you, then you are going to NEED this product in your life!

Scrolling through Instagram, I came across this brand soooo many times by a ton of ‘Geordies’, fashion and beauty bloggers, all having a flawless, even tan. I was super excited to try the collection!

What is it?

Intensity is a bold & bronzed self tanning mousse which replicates the colour of a natural holiday tan. Intensity base is made up of red undertones which is renowned for lifting dullness in yellow undertones.

What it does?

Intensity can be layered for darker results.


So in my first package I received ‘Intensity’. The bronze shade from Rose and Caramel’s tanning range. They also retail a clear tan: ‘Nudity’, olive tan: ‘Velvety’, and a skin care, removal series: ‘Purity’, ‘Intensity’ being the ultimate natural beached bronze.

I have tried a ton! And I mean a ton of tanning products, from Loving Tan to Kylie Jenner’s favourite Bondi Sands, but this is by far one of the best! Applying ‘Intensity’ was like a velvet formula that glides across your skin, which is a formula I have never ever come across before, most other formulas, I am scrubbing away to try and avoid streaking, and after all this…. I am still left with streaks. Rose and Caramel formulas do not streak at all!!!! As you are applying the tan, you can instantly feel how good the tan actually is for your skin also, as it has a ton of skin benefits packed into this magical bottle. The main thing I adore about this tan is it doesn’t smell! I am sick of smelling like dried biscuits from previous tans or like a gone off coconut, it just isn’t that appealing.

You can build up layers, depending on how dark you want to go, you can get a light natural tan from one layer, or a dark bold tan in 3. I like to layer! I leave a couple minutes and layer again and this tan dries sooooo fast, you don’t need to wait an hour for the next layer, because let’s be honest, nobody got time for that. I am obsessed with how this tan fades! Depending on how many layers you have on, I have noticed that if I layer only a little, then the tan fades off without going patchy! This is something no other brand has been able to do before!


As I mentioned earlier the tan fades, however I did find that if I layer a ton then it does patch a little when coming to its ending process. This is something all self tanners do and you can’t really avoid, however moisturising regularly, and exfoliating keeps your skin in tip top condition which helps keep your tan fresh and lasting longer.

Price: £19.99


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