Facial Aesthetics Food

Okay so we have alll heard and probably take a ton of vitamin pills! But what about pills specifically targeting your face?! The Beauty Berry company are one of the first to do this!! I have seen a ton of vitamins that brighten, even and soften skin. However this does more than just that!! This pill goes beyond your skin and helps strengthen your facial structure. Taking this supplement daily will give you the confidence to ditch your weekly facial treatments.

What is it?

Facial Aesthetics Food supplement is the perfect addition to your beauty regime to target the 5 main facial aesthetic problems which start being evident from your early twenties:

– Skin damage

– Dehydrated skin

– Adult acne

– Bone density loss

– Collagen instability

What it does?

Facial Aesthetics Food has been formulated with only three specially selected active ingredients to ensure relevant levels for targeted and effective results.

– Sea Buckthorn

– Silica

– Vitamin C


When I first started my course, I was super nervous. I had no idea what results I was going to see or even see any at all. I also took these pills while using my microdermabrasion tool! You can see my before and after HERE, I will put the after below so you can see the results for yourself. Because taking these at the same time the results were both from the course of pills and microdermabrasion. As I mentioned before my results were AMAZING!!! Before I started any of these products I had severe acne, it was heartbreaking to use prescription drugs and seeing no change, it made me loose all hope. So when I tried this super duo it changed my life!!! I am now only left with scarring!! Which will eventually fade over time but the acne is gone gone GONE! And I have never been more thankful!

I also noticed my skin is a lot more elastic, it’s not dull anymore and has more life to it. My under eye game has changed major!!! My under eyes are less dense and are more to the surface of my face, they are less darkened and brighter.

This includes my favourite ingredient!! Sea Buckthorn! Buckthorn are leaves that gives a source of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids (protein building), fatty acids and minerals. This helps blood pressure, lower cholesterol, preventing blood vessel diseases and boosting immunity! Paired with Silica, that rebuilds and maintains tissues, and of course Vitamin C! That helps keep the growth of tissues healthy.


I love this supplement and saw amazing results, the only down side about this product is the pills are a little big, some people find it hard taking pills so just be aware guys! Also this product is only for 18+!!

Price: £15.95

Available: https://www.thebeautyberrycompany.com/

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