The Kit You Need This Summer!

Summer is finally here!!! Which means keeping your tan in top condition is essential this season! Rose And Caramel just made this sooo much easier. If you have read my earlier post, then you know I am obsessed with this tanning brand at the moment! You can read my review on ‘Intensity’ Here. They have also just made purchasing a ton easier! You can now get these self tanners from Pretty Little Thing! However sets are not retailed and are only stocked with single products at the moment.

What is it?

Essentials in handy travel sizes to make sure you have the perfect tan that lasts through to removal!

What it does?

Nudity Self Tan Spray:

Nudity 50ml self tan spray is clean and clear upon application. It develops over 8 hours to give a fresh glow to all skin tones!

Velvety Self Tan Spray:

Velvety 50ml self tan spray is for an olive colour that can layer for deeper results. (Layer nudity over velvety for a darker colour).

Prep And Protect Spray:

The multi purpose spray that protects dry areas before application and keeps your tan lasting longer.

Intensity Sparkle:

Take your tan to the next level by adding the ultimate shimmer.

Purity Self Tan Remover:

Take off your tan effortlessly with this luxury foam. Simply apply to skin which has at least 3 day old tan on. Leave for 10 minutes then simply watch your tan melt away using exfoliating gloves provided.


This set is a must have this season!!! The set includes the above products, as well as a headband, tanning mit and exfoliating gloves. Everything you need to tan is in this tiny kit. All tanners are in a spray bottle which makes tanning or topping up so much faster! You can pair different shades and layer for a darker tan! Or if you just want a natural tan, you can go ahead and layer ‘Nudity’.

I am going to be posting a separate review on ‘Velvety’ as I also received this as a single self tanner! However this is my favourite tan ever!!!! I like my tan dark, as I am super pale, this always gives me the darkest results of them all in a streak-less formula. I usually apply 3 layers for the darkest results.

If you are using any self tanner, you are in need of the ‘Prep And Protect Spray’! This spray is used before tanning as a moisturiser on your dry areas, ankles, knees, elbows, hands, to ensure you have no dry patches once tanned. I love to mist this after showering to keep my skin smooth and dry free, it also helps prolong your tan!!! Using this, I was able to get 2 whole weeks of patch free tan.

‘Intensity Sparkle’ is my best loved product everrr!!! Spray this all over after you have washed off your fresh tan, and you are left with the most beautiful sparkle!!! I have only tested this at the moment and fell in loveeee. I am definitely going to be taking this to festivals and layer for an intense result!

Finally we have ‘Purity Self Tan Remover’, this is a must have!!! As tan starts to fade away, you can be left with patches, it can be super difficult to scrub old tan off and get all left over tan removed at once, however with this foam you are left with a clear base to reapply your favourite shade all at once!


This set is super small! The tanners are in a 50ml bottle which is tiny. However, this kit is a top up, travel kit! I have not used the tans yet but will definitely use when I travel to quickly top up, as you are not doing a full tan, these formulas will last a while, and come in a clear bag which is easiest for travelling.

Price: £34.99


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