Ineffable Cosmetics

I am soooo excited to share with you my angels launch!! Ineffable Beauty Cosmetics is a handmade brand, delivered and produced by the queen himself Stephen! Even the name says it all, Ineffable: too great or extreme to be expressed in words! This is something this brand definitely has. I got the chance to try the very first ever palette: CENSORED, I instantly fell in love with this cruelty, vegan free palette as you can create endless looks! You guys can also go ahead and use my code ‘CHLOEL15’ for 15% off all products.

What is it?

This 15 shade eyeshadow palette includes:

– 10 matte shades

– 5 shimmer shades

– Amazing pigment

– Mirror

– Shade names

– Clear sanitary sheet

What it does?

Society everyday ignores major issues taking place around the planet. They choose to block it out. They choose to ignore. They censor the issues. Enough is enough. The “CENSORED” palette focuses on these issues. The vision behind the palette was to empower individuals, no matter what background they come from. It’s time to “Remove the censor”.


This palette is super lively! There are a ton of looks you can create with this palette, you can go completely wild, or you can create a natural look! The palette is packed with pressed powders and pigments, ranging from mattes to glows! Hues can be both applied wet or dry! I usually find I need to spray my brush with a setting spray before applying so that I get that ultimate shade! However with these pigments I did not!

I was stunned when I came to swatch the shades. All swatches were applied straight from the pan with a dry brush. The pigments here are honestly the best I have ever come across! I have tried many high end palettes that do not deliver this much pigment with a wet brush, let alone with only one dry layer! And did I mention it only retails for £15!

All formulas blend like a dream! I found that a little goes a long way, you do not need to excessively blend with this palette. All shades are creamy and light on the skin which makes them the best to blend with!


I am obsessed with this palette, however because of how pigmented the shades are, the mattes do tend to stain your eyes, this is due to the fact they are super pigmented!!! Most drugstore palettes do not last 3 hours but these kept me going all night long!

Price: £15


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