Bowe Organics

So I recently caught up with the angel herself Diane! Owner of Bowe Organics! I am so obsessed with her handmade brand! The brands quality is up to a standard, meaning products take forever to launch! So right now there are 2 products available! 2 needs and must haves for everyone! Male and female, you need these products in your life. The first launch was the award winning lash oil, I reviewed this wayyyyyyy back when I first started blogging, this was one of my first packages, I was super excited and overwhelmed with the results. You guys can go ahead and check that out HERE.

This product is ALSO award winning and I’m so excited to share it with you. Go use code ‘BOWE1’ for 20% off your first order.

What is it?

Bowe Organics lip rescue balm helps moisturise and care for your lips without using toxic chemicals. It contains raspberry seed oil, known for its anti ageing properties, shea and cocoa butter to help keep your lips protected and hydrated and almond oil to help rejuvenate. Our balm is completely vegan and our company is registered with the vegan society.

What it does?

Directions: massage into dry chapped lips for relief and nourishment. Use as often as needed to keep that pout in perfect condition.


This balm is a NEED! The packaging is so cute and similar as the lash oil which I just love. Her simple and chic packaging has a logo which is bound to be noticed.

The formula itself is definitely my favourite! When you come to apply the balm it is super lightweight! Once applied it feels like your lips are bare, a couple times I tried to reapply as I thought I may have needed more product, but the secret formula melts like a dream. Chapped lips are replaced for deeply hydrated lips formulated with raspberry seed, almond, jojoba, rosehip, coconut oils, shea, coconut butters, carnauba wax and vitamin e.


As I mentioned before with the lash oil, because these products are hand made, you can definitely smell the natural blends! I was never one to buy fragranced balms anyway so I don’t mind at all, especially if it results in a super hydrated pout!

I am so proud of Diane! For both products to be award winning is something to be proud of, I love the little brand and I am sooo excited for what the future holds. Handmade brands are usually small due to people making themselves. Theses are my favourite brands!! So let’s work together to spread the word!

Price: £6


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