You Need This Set!

A couple months ago, I was reached out by Synergy Collections to try out their new cuore collection, this was the cutest duo!!! I have fell in love with the brand ever since. You can check out the ‘cuore’ review Here. Since then I have got a few more packages to share the inspiring beautiful releases! I have shown little sneak peaks on my socials! I was soooo excited to try them out and am sooo looking forward for what else they have in store for us! This set is on sale right now for only £15! You can also use ‘BRUSH15’ for 15% off your very first order!

What is it?

All of our brushes are cruelty free and made with vegan friendly materials. We use the best quality synthetic hair; taklon, which is hypoallergenic and super soft.

What it does?

Fan Brush – 001

Your biggest fan brush is a must have in any makeup bag. With its soft bristles and the perfect large fan brush shape, it applies bronzer, powder, and highlighter with ease.

Powder Brush – 002

Our powder brush is perfect for seamless powder application, mineral foundations and helps to blend effortlessly.

Blusher Brush – 003

With its slanted bristles, you’re making me blush brush is the perfect applicator for precise and sculpted look.

Flat Head Foundation Brush – 004

With its flat top brush shape and soft bristles, our building strong foundations brush is perfect for applying liquid foundation. It allows effortless application and gives a flawless and airbrushed look.

Eyeshadow Blender – 005

With its soft and longer hair design the blend me in brush is perfect for the final stage of your eyeshadow application to blend your eyeshadow effortlessly.

Eyeshadow Applicator – 006

Our laying it down eyeshadow brush is the perfect tool for applying eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Crease – 007

With its shorter and firmer bristles our you’re creasing me brush is perfect for creating the desirable cut crease look.

Eyeshadow Brush – 008

With its firmer bristles and angular shape, there is nothing better for mastering the perfect eyebrow arch and precise shape than our beyond beautiful brows brush.


This set is my favourite!!! As I mentioned in the cuore review, I am soooo amazed at the quality of these brushes! For synthetic brushes, these are the best of the best! Made from taklon, they are a huge step up from real bristles and stay soft enough to blend everything seamlessly.

For such low price brushes, I would say they are definitely luxury! The bristles are super sealed making sure there is no fallout at all even through excessive washing!

The packaging is my favourite from this brand! They always kill it, I did also receive the brush holder which is the cutest!!! I love the modern design that will blend into any interior.

I am using these brushes religiously right now!! I am obsessed with the flat top brush to apply foundations! It is amazing for liquids and even cream formulas, I usually go over once applied in a tapping motion, this blends everything perfectly without the need of a beauty blender. The blusher brush is also one of my favourites, this is the BEST for contouring! I have a ton of angled brushes for contouring, but I found with this brush I have more defined cheekbones as there is a slight ridge in the bristles which really gets into the hollows of your cheekbones. I have threw out all my old fan brushes to replace with this!!! I noticed once using this fan brush, all my others were just wayyyyy to wide and made my whole face gleam! Thats great if that is the look you are going for! But I wanted that sharp glow, which was totally achievable with this little life saver. The crease is my favourite crease brush EVER! Crease brushes are super small and I usually have to go over the crease a ton of times to blend and also move the brush higher. With this brush I could apply in windshield motions creating a sharp crease, this is more packed than most other crease brushes and thicker! So you do not have to blend higher than where you first started blending!


As I mentioned before the brushes quality are super! However you will get a tiny bit of fallout on your first use! This is due to the fact they are brand new and the bristles have not been moved. After the first use they will settle and remain stable! I also found that the eyebrow brush is a little too large for me, I have hardly any natural brows, so using a super thin brush is a must have for me personally, although it makes the best liner brush for liquids, creams or just blending out shadows into a sharp cut!

Price: £15


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