My Favourite Self Tanner

I have worked with Rose And Caramel for a while now… if you have read my earlier posts then you have already acknowledged that I am a hugeeeeeeee fan. I got the chance to try Intensity, and the Summer Essentials Kit, saving the best till last ‘Velvety’!

What is it?

Velvety is the olive tinted tanning range for Rose & Caramel for those who like a colour guide to there tanning!! Velvety mousse is enriched with the same revolutionary moisturising technology as Nudity mousse BUT it glides along the skin with a beautiful dark olive toned colour guide that you see instantly.

What it does?

Velvety leaves your skin moisturised and silky smooth… literally like it’s covered in velvet!


I have tried soooo many self tanners on the market, being super pale means finding the perfect tan can be a struggle. Self tanners react with your natural skins pigments to give you the best results. Depending on your skin tone already, you may not be able to get a deeper shade than someone who is slightly already naturally tan. I am the most palest human being ever! So when it comes to tanning, most tans do not actually get me as dark as I would like to be. I have applied layers and layers and would still not be to the desired shade. This is the only tan I have ever used that actually gives me the most shaded look, and this can be after only 2 light layers!

This is the darkest range and has a green undertone. However the hue is not seen and is just mixed to give you that dark olive tone. Every other brand I have tried has had me looking prominently green! As I use the darkest shades in every brand, all of these have the same green undertone but is not discrete or natural at all.

This formula is the best formula out there!! I have never come across such a streak-less, satin mouse. This liquid applies so easily with no effort at all, you are left with no streaking at all! The formula also has moisturising technology which helps give you the best even look.

Once tanned you need to make sure your skin is always moisturised, this helps prolong your tan for as long as possible without any creaking. This keeps me tanned evenly for at least 2 weeks!


Because of how long this formula lasts, it can be an effort to remove! I would suggest purchasing Rose & Caramel’s own self tan remover which is left on the skin until all tan is instantly removed, ready for a perfect base to reapply your favourite results.

Price: £19.99


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