Bahama Lashes

Lashes are the ultimate touch to finish off any look! Many lashes I have tried have not ‘wowed’ me as much as this brand did, however I am still pretty obsessed with my ‘goddess’ lashes from Koko. On the other hand you are going to worship Bahama lashes. This is the only brand I have ever fell in love with every single style available and the stunning packaging.

What is it?

Bahama lashes are entirely handcrafted, sterilised, hypo-allergenic and cruelty free. Our lashes can be worn more than 25 with the correct care. They are soft, weightless and irritant free.

What it does?

Lashes are essential for giving the fullest effect to the ultimate glamour look. All our styles are 3D, these are various different styles, an eyelash style for every single day!


Working with Bahama I was able to try the styles ‘Leila’ and ‘Mya’, I was instantly addicted to the gorgeous designs and lightweight wear, I am constantly wearing ‘Mya’ for everything right now! If you have seen my recent makeup looks then you will have seen this style a ton of times already. This set is very dramatic and thick, ‘Leila’ is a little more subtle and natural, these are soooo beautiful as they blend into your own lashes perfectly to make out your own lashes are super extra naturally.

You can get a lot of wear from these lashes if cared for properly, I have got to have wore mine for longer than 25! And they are still like new! Bahama lashes have the thinnest band to date! I have tried so many lash brands for triple Bahama prices that result in uncomfortable wear that falls off after a couple hours due to the thick bands.

I cannot wait to try out some more styles! Especially ‘Barbados’! For such high quality mink lashes to be super underpriced, what’s not to love?!


Although there is a decent sized selection of mink lashes, I want more!!! Bahama have an MUA collection that allows you to purchase 20 lashes for £99 or 30 lashes for £120, I adore this idea and would love to see a smaller collection for lash lovers to be able to top up on our favourites.

Price: £6.99


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