Fab Smile Veneers

Instagram has been going wild with veneers recently, all our favourite celebrities, tv stars and influencers have been showing their smiles off like there is no tomorrow! Veneers have been the holy grail for confidence and has been putting more smiles on our VIPs.

Porcelain veneers are the number one hit right now and have a ton of benefits from hiding imperfections, adding protection to the teeth to easy maintenance, long lasting results and on whole, a new set of perfect teeth. Sounds good? Only most veneers start from £1,000 per tooth!!! Not only this, but once you have your new set they cannot be removed or repaired. Teeth can become more sensitive and could possibly be mix matched, not matching your natural shade, or desired. If you are earning a million dollars a week then maybe this is for you, if not then I have an amazing alternative for you!

Fab smile veneers are a new brand that delivers high-quality clip-on veneers. Yes! Clip on veneers! These veneers clip on in an instant for the perfect smile that is undetectable from the real thing! Wear everyday or just when you feel like it, from £1,000 per tooth, to a whole set for just £637, what more could you want?!

What is it?

“Fab smile veneers are the latest in removable clip on veneers giving you the perfect smile that you deserve and always wanted.

Our teeth veneers online are the new solution for a snap on smile which is pain free, dentist free and affordable.

If you have discoloured, missing, chipped or crooked teeth, we can help bring back your smile and confidence.

Super thin, made using best in class technology. Depending on the exact state of your existing teeth, we typically manufacture our elite veneers to a thickness of between 275 to 400 microns – compare that to most of our competitors whose veneers are usually around 600 microns thick.” – Fab Smile Veneers

What it does?

“Your new affordable veneers from Fab Smile will be custom made to your personal specification. An “impression” of your existing teeth is taken, and we then carefully manufacture your veneers for a comfortable fit.

Our clip on veneers are made from the latest high grade dental materials to give you a natural look. Our veneers are lightweight; they have a slim-profile, so they fit easily and securely on to your existing teeth. They are also stain-resistant and easy to clean.

We have two different model types of teeth veneers online to choose from – Ideal and Elite+ – and a choice of shades, so whether you want a dazzling whiter-than-white smile or something a little more subtle and natural looking, we can supply it!” – Fab Smile Veneers


The first thing you need to do when choosing your veneers is choosing which set you would like; the Ideal range or Elite+, Ideal is more for outings, occasional wear and photography, whereas Elite+ is more for everyday wear and is more dense and expanded to what you can do with these veneers, wearing this set you can pretty much do everything you usually would, eating, drinking, here you can do this with Ideal, however Elite+ is made to be more higher grade material as these are going to be worn on a daily. As this was a collab, the brand chose for me, they selected Elite+.

Once you have selected your range, you then want to look at the shade, now this is depending on what you want the veneers to do, if you are just wanting to fill some gaps then you may opt for a natural shade that matches already. However, if you are wanting a whole Hollywood smile then you can go ahead and get a whiter than white smile, this is the shade that was selected for me, I believe it was BL1.

Once you have completed these steps you will be asked if you want a full set, (upper and lower) or just upper or just lower. Before you choose what set you want you will get asked a couple questions on the state of your natural teeth, gaps, fillings, bridges and crowns. If you have any of these then you may be charged a little more to fill, however if you are like me and your teeth are pretty okay already then £637 is going to get you a full set!

So, you have ordered your teeth! How exciting! The next couple of days you will receive an “impression kit”, in this kit you will receive a mouth guard, and 4 putties to mix. Completing your kit, you are going to mix 2 putties and line the top of your mouth guard, once you have done this, you are going to mould this piece and place in the plastic wallet provided. You are going to repeat this for the bottom and you are ready to send off! But don’t worry too much, you will receive a step by step pack in your kit to make sure you give the best moulds for your smile to be manufactured from.

From sending your teeth off, it can take a couple weeks for your new smile to arrive, this is since each tooth and lining is handmade to fit your teeth perfectly and comfortably, by professional dentists with 30 years experience.

I am amazed by this brand! I never thought I would ever try clip on veneers, but the results are unbelievable! For clip ins to be so like the real thing! You can do everything you normally would wearing your set without any breaking or staining. The set clips in an instant and wears so so comfortably, after a while of wearing you will forget they are even there! I have had a ton of questions on where I get my veneers done! When telling people they where clip ons, they were more amazed than I was! The after care pack contains all the important information needed to make sure they stay prolonged for as long as possible, support is also available by the friendly professionals themselves. No dentist, no appointment, and a backup pair at a discounted price, Fab Smile also hold a cleaning range to keep your set in tip top condition without any damage.

(Fab Smile Veneers – Instagram)


As these veneers are the thinnest, you will still need to acclimate them, you will get a tiny lisp at first and will definitely need to get used to them. I recommend wearing around your home for a couple of days until you get used to wearing, after then you will be comfortable and any lisp will soon disappear in no time.

Price: Varies to £637

Available: https://www.fabsmileveneers.co.uk

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