The Cutest Lashes Synergy

Hey my loves! I have been soooo inactive recently, I really need to catch up on my prs. I have been working with Synergy since they first launched! I am always obsessed with every release and the love that goes into each and every product.

Synergy started by the launch of a variety of different synthetic hair brushes. You can check out the ‘Black Rose Collection’ Here and the ‘Cuore Collection’ Here. A couple months ago I received their lash pr! I was soooo excited, I never really get my lashes done as I love to be able to change the style, so any extras to add to my collection is always a bonus.

What is it?

“Our faux 3D minx lashes come with a gorgeous storage box which can be used to keep your lashes in perfect condition to use up to 15 times.” – Synergy Collections

What it does?

“The Flora lash is the perfect choice for a longer, glamorous lash look.”

“The Annie lash is the perfect choice needed for a day to evening look. They are natural enough to wear for the daytimes but full enough for an evening look also.” – Synergy Collections


These lashes are so natural and the most subtle in my collection, each lash has a natural look but can also be added to an evening look adding a little extra with the help of a thick band to eliminate the process of adding liner. I love these lashes, I did receive the 2 designs ‘Annie’ and ‘Flora’ and an extra pair for backup, this was used on my model to complete my look, these lashes are what really made the whole look complete and stand out.

Also the packaging has got to be the PRETTIEST like ever! Most lashes stick to the standard rectangle box, this really stepped out the mark and changed the game completely!


So the band is a little thick, I did have to bend the band a few times to get it to be more the shape of the models eye before applying, however this helped a ton as I did not need to apply liner as the effect is given with these lashes, which saved a hell of a lot of time. The 2 designs are very fine as the brand itself is a natural label, the trade is constantly expanding but having the sets as an extra is always a bonus.

Price: £15


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