Bellápierre PR

Hi angels! A couple months ago I received a pr package from Bellàpierre cosmetics, this is one of my favourite prs ever! They literally filled a whole box of goodies! How lucky!!!! I have had a couple requests to do more pr posts so here it is.

I did also receive a couple other products such as the brow pencils, which i worship! Eyeliner and contour stick, I use these on a daily so they were a little too worn to share.

HD Makeup Primer
Mineral Bronzer in ‘Starshine’ and banana setting powder in ‘medium’
Blushing palette
Glowing palette 1
Glowing palette 2
Liquid eyeshadow
Shimmer 9 stacks in ‘serenity’ and ‘bella’
12 natural eye palette
Matte lipsticks in ‘aloha’, ‘hothead’, and ‘incogniito’
Holographic lip gloss quad

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