Niré Beauty Sparkle Collection

Hiii! So a couple months ago (maybe longer, I’m so behind with my prs lol) I received another PR from one of my favs… Niré Beauty, I have worked with this brand since they first started and I am so proud to be able to have seen their growth from a starting small brand. Niré never fail to amaze me and this is my favourite brush set yet! I did receive the classic 12 piece artistry set as my first goodie bag… which I cannot live without, you can check that out HERE.

Niré’s first beauty stand

Just like my artistry set, I received the iconic brush holder duo, cleaning tool and new to this set, the face prep tool, this is one of my favourite things about this brand as you get these cute accessories with all sets.


I love this brush holder to hold my sfx brushes as I have a TON, I need as many holders as I can get!


The brush cleaning tool is amazing to deep clean brushes as the ridges really get into the brush itself to remove every spec of old residue, I tend to use baby shampoo on the tool which works perfectly, leaving the bristles as good as new.

Can we just appreciate the packing! How cute!

The face prep tool is new and was not released when I was welcomed my artistry set. This tool is so effective to remove makeup, removing makeup can be soooo messy and I just hate having soapy foundation hands, this tool provides a clean removal, add your favourite micellar water and apply to the skin in circular motions to remove any makeup leaving skin silky smooth, as this is also giving your face a mini massage, your skin is left with a healthy glow! I don’t know about you but usually I am left with dull skin after wearing a full face, but not with this little life saver!

What is it?

100% glow at 50% of the cost, the Sparkle and Glow Brush Bundle is Niré’s full glow solution to make-up and skincare for glow-getters on a budget. With a combined value of over £105, the The Sparkle and Glow Brush Bundle contains the global award-winning Essential Glow set with bonus Face Prep Tool, and a free PureForm brush cleaning tool for just £49.95. For less than half price, this special edition collection contains 10 versatile glitter brushes and 2 added extras that will leave your brushes, skin, and make-up shining like new! ©

What it does?

  • An exclusive blend of LuxePro™ and innovative LuxeBlend™ synthetic fibres designed to pick up more pigment without breaking or shredding
  • Synthetic LuxeBlend™ fibres closely imitate natural animal fibres whilst remaining cruelty free
  • Full-sized unique handles of rose gold glitter
  • Ferrules elegantly engraved with individual brush names
  • Special glitter edition packaging suitable for gift-giving
  • Reusable brush nets
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Cruelty free and vegan friendly
  • Travel-friendly Face Prep Tool
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Recommended for all make-up skill levels: beginner, intermediate, pro. ©


I don’t usually use synthetic fibres as I find them not soft, quite dull and tend to shred after cleaning. However this is where Niré really surprised me the most, not only are they the softest brushes in my whole collection, they do not shred at all! After washing they stay the same texture and do not wear away any softness, they are still like new! This is the set I take with me when freelancing and this is the set I get sooo many compliments on, from 1 being just how STUNNING they are with the glitter handles and 2 being how soft and smooth the bristles feel, a few of my models have actually gone to buy this set they loved it that much! I also don’t need to take any extra brushes as this set is able to provide a range of abilities.

A few of my must haves!

144 Tapered Foundation: This brush is actually only available in this set and you cannot buy separately, however this brush itself is why you need this set! This is my favourite foundation brush ever! I have never used another brush since, this brush allows you to build up coverage to as high or low as you like, leaving no residue, it blends perfectly without leaving you with a cakey face.

305 Radiant Blush Brush: Unlike the 144, this brush is available to buy separately, however not in the sparkle design as I love. This brush is perfect for sweeping away baked powders and adding blush to the cheeks or even a little contour.

365 Soft Dab: This brush is unreal to add powders! When packing on shadows the brush allows you to add intensity by packing a high amount for a subtle look, you can also spray your favourite setting spray to wet the bristles when using pigments, glitters or just to deepen powders.

213 Fluffy Detail: This is another one of my must haves as it blends into the crease so smooth and unnoticeable, while the end results leaves a blended crease, the application itself is so smooth and bristles undetected.

214 Broad Pencil: This is my go to brush! I use this brush to apply small amounts of highlighter around my face, as it’s so thin and bendable, I can apply my favourite highlight to my nose, Cupid’s bow, brow bone and anywhere else that I want to shine!



I do not have any cons for Niré, however my own silly self left my brush to soak! This is a no go and I would definitely not recommend with any brush! Cleaning brushes should not be left to soak but I was feeling lazy and that resulted in my brush’s head falling off, I managed to fix it but don’t try at home guys :).

Price: £49.95 (sale from £100)!


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