Does The Most Hyped About Teeth Whitening Kit Actually Work?!

I think it is definitely safe to say by now we are all aware of HiSmile‘s peroxide free range, from every social media platform, this product has been the most hyped about yet!! Finding a professional dentist can be very stressful and of course very very expensive! The other hugeee downfall is most dentists and… Continue reading Does The Most Hyped About Teeth Whitening Kit Actually Work?!

La’ Bang Body Treatments

Do you ever wonder your local drugstore, seeking a skincare treatment that has it all in one? I do! From scanning every last product, I still have no luck getting treatments that have so many benefits and cures. Many drugstore products focus on one major issue, from eczema, to stretch marks. Dry hair to frizzy,… Continue reading La’ Bang Body Treatments

The Secret To Longer, Healthier Lashes

Hi hi hi! A couple months ago I received a beautiful little lash oil package from the beautiful Diane Bowe, founder of new natural company, ‘Bowe Organics’. I love this brand as it is totally organic, toxic and harmful free! What more could we ask for?! After years of hard work researching different blends of… Continue reading The Secret To Longer, Healthier Lashes

Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars 2017

It’s nearly Christmas guys!!! With the huge countdown just waiting around the corner, I have put together my 10, ultimate favourite advent calendars for this year! However do I have a surprise for you! I’m not talking the usual shaped goodie treats, here our favourite beauty brands have put together a mystery beauty treat behind… Continue reading Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars 2017

The Secret To A Flawless Tan

With such pale complexion, comes great tanning responsibility! The first step to a flawless, glowing tan is having a smooth base to work with. Scrub love just made this sooooo much easier! Providing a deep exfoliate, this scrub is my ultimate favourite, achieving the greatest results for sure! I adore scrub love products as no… Continue reading The Secret To A Flawless Tan