Glitter Glam

Angels! I’m back again with another glittery look. I’m loving the nyx glitters right now, they are literally my favorite, I’m slowly adding each shade to my collection as I am just addicted!! What shades are your favourites?? What beautiful looks were you guys able to create! I would love to see your looks, be… Continue reading Glitter Glam

How To Spot A Fake Kylie Lip Kit!

Counterfeit makeup is something that has always been an issue. Top makeup brands are continuously facing this problem. People purchasing their lip kits from sites other than Kylie Jenner’s official site, have been encountered with disastrous effects. From lip kits containing glue to gasoline, it is indeed a fact that you must only trust the… Continue reading How To Spot A Fake Kylie Lip Kit!

Is The Kylie Lip Kit Worth The Hype?

A nude lip is the most flawless lip a girl could wear, after searching for the perfect shade, the comfortable long lasting formula, Kylie decided to WOW us with her fun, cute cosmetic line. Our madness only grew as each restock approached, breaking the Internet, literally guys! Google practically broke down. I decided to try… Continue reading Is The Kylie Lip Kit Worth The Hype?