Khase Cosmetics

Hey lovesssssss! So today I am back with yet again, another small beauty brand. I absolutely adoreeee, and feel so grateful when small businesses contact me. As without them reaching me, I would not in the world an idea about their amazing growing brand. This gives me the opportunity to show you guys what amazing… Continue reading Khase Cosmetics

Does The Most Hyped About Teeth Whitening Kit Actually Work?!

I think it is definitely safe to say by now we are all aware of HiSmile‘s peroxide free range, from every social media platform, this product has been the most hyped about yet!! Finding a professional dentist can be very stressful and of course very very expensive! The other hugeee downfall is most dentists and… Continue reading Does The Most Hyped About Teeth Whitening Kit Actually Work?!

Is The Kylie Lip Kit Worth The Hype?

A nude lip is the most flawless lip a girl could wear, after searching for the perfect shade, the comfortable long lasting formula, Kylie decided to WOW us with her fun, cute cosmetic line. Our madness only grew as each restock approached, breaking the Internet, literally guys! Google practically broke down. I decided to try… Continue reading Is The Kylie Lip Kit Worth The Hype?