My Favourite Self Tanner

I have worked with Rose And Caramel for a while now... if you have read my earlier posts then you have already acknowledged that I am a hugeeeeeeee fan. I got the chance to try Intensity, and the Summer Essentials Kit, saving the best till last 'Velvety'! What is it? Velvety is the olive tinted… Continue reading My Favourite Self Tanner

The Tanning Brand I Swear By!

Summer is here!!! We are all longing to achieve that perfect golden glow! If you are like me and catching sun just does nothing for you, then you are going to NEED this product in your life! Scrolling through Instagram, I came across this brand soooo many times by a ton of 'Geordies', fashion and… Continue reading The Tanning Brand I Swear By!

The Secret To A Flawless Tan

With such pale complexion, comes great tanning responsibility! The first step to a flawless, glowing tan is having a smooth base to work with. Scrub love just made this sooooo much easier! Providing a deep exfoliate, this scrub is my ultimate favourite, achieving the greatest results for sure! I adore scrub love products as no… Continue reading The Secret To A Flawless Tan